The ‘Marina’ Beach Cleaner – Small turning circle…big impact

The special feature of the Marina is that it can handle every curve and every corner. The articulated front-wheel drive and connectible active rear-wheel drive reduces the turning circle during cleaning to an inner radius of just 1.85 m. Thus, the Marina can even clean in tight spaces around sun loungers.


Screening Rake: The screening rake enables you to loosen compacted sand, shift large sections of sand and level sandcastles.

Roller Broom/Sweeper For Pavement Cleaning: Alongside a clean beach, carefully cleaned streets and squares are also important. The roller broom turns the ‘Marina’ into a perfect road sweeper.

Working Width: 55”
Working depth: 5”
Hopper Capacity: .7 cubic yards 1 cubic yard with dry debris
Cleaning Speed: 3.5 acres per hour depending on dry or wet conditions.

The ‘Sandman’ Beach Cleaner is perfect for small, difficult to access areas.

The Sand Man, which is our smaller machine, is perfect for difficult to reach areas and comes with three interchangeable screens with mesh sizes of 3/16″, 3/8″ & 1/2″ to pick up objects ranging from tiny fragments of glass to larger sticks and shells.
The SURF RAKE excels at rock , shell and seaweed removal.

Tar Balls and Oil Removed from Beach

SANDMAN Beach Cleaner